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Gifted Education Lead Schools successfully share

Published 9/01/2020

Congratulations to the Gifted Education Lead Schools (GELS) on the very professional and powerful action research presentations shared last year. Schools effectively demonstrated a…

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Blessing completes chapel’s rise from the ashes

Published 23/12/2019

The community of St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar joined with the Sisters of St Joseph on December 10 to celebrate an emotional blessing of the chapel and dedication of the altar, wh…

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Strong performances in HSC across the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

Published 17/12/2019

Students from Catholic schools across the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle performed solidly in the 2019 HSC with two making the Top Achiever list and another two making the All Round…

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Colour my world

Published 15/11/2019

Zooper Doopers all round was an appropriate colourful finish to an exciting day in the lab for the 24 St Nicholas, Lochinvar pre-schoolers who visited the neighbouring St Joseph’s…

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A-team’s app creates a vibe

Published 14/11/2019

The intricacies of coding, and the creation of a cool logo and compelling advertising pitch, are all part of the entrepreneurship when you’re an app-developing “A-team” Tech Girl.…

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Success at the Tournament of the Minds

Published 31/10/2019

Teams from schools across the Diocese battled it out at the Tournament of the Minds (TOM) NSW Regional Final, achieving some fantastic results. TOM offers students the opportunity…

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