Teachers are responsible for developing positive relationships with students that enable students to grow as young adults. They plan and teach lessons, and ensure that classrooms are places of learning where students are respected in their uniqueness and encouraged to reach their full potential. Teachers are responsible for monitoring and assessing student academic progress, for recognising student effort and achievement, and for ensuring that students behave appropriately so that all have the opportunity to learn.

Teaching Staff 2019

Miss Hayley Amm

Miss Maddi Jupp

Mrs Rachel Bennett

Mrs Virginia Kennedy

Miss Melissa Blandford

Mrs Sandra Kijko

Dr Jessica Brunton

Miss Sandra Kinloch

Mr Phillip Buckley

Mr Aidan Linehan

Mrs Monique Challinor

Mrs Elizabeth Lemmon

Ms Jae Clarke

Miss Carley Leonard

Mrs Jennifer Corben

Mrs Sally Lykouras

Mr David Crawford

Miss Alison Lynch

Mr Joshua Crofts

Mrs Rebecca Mahar

Mrs Midori Cunningham

Mrs Diane Matthews

Mrs Sandie DeMamiel

Mrs Gabrielle Maloney

Mrs Lisa Donnelly

Mrs Louise Mahony

Mrs Caroline Donohoe

Mrs Abbie Marston

Ms Naomi Eagleton

Mrs Louiza Mavros

Mr Mark Edmonds

Ms Bridie McCarthy

Mrs Julie Elliott

Mrs Erin McCort

Miss Zara Francisco

Mrs Teresa McCool

Mr Bernard Frize

Mr Christopher Mills

Miss Tanille Gardner

Mrs Anne O’Connor

Mr Andrew Gill

Mrs Melanie O’Nions

Miss Amanda George

Miss Tara O’Sullivan

Mr Matthew Goodwin

Mrs Alicia Paterson

Mrs Patricia Hales

Mrs Lisa Peel

Ms Lauren Hanlon

Mr Guy Perrin

Mrs Virginia Harding

Mrs Kylie Peattie

Mr Graeme Harris

Mrs Paulina Phillips

Mrs Kate Hart

Mr Simon Ramage

Mrs Melonie Hawke

Mr Marcus Ribbons

Mrs Karen Hickling

Mrs Alberta Russell

Mr Michael Hickling

Ms Jade Slevin

Mr Glenn Horder

Mrs Natalie Squires

Mrs Melissa Hurn

Miss Lauren Stacey

Miss Sarah James

Mrs Elizabeth Stokes

Mr Chris Johns

Mr James Whiting

Mr Matthew Johns

Mrs Renee Wilcher

Mrs Christine Jordan

Mr Matthew Wilks

Mrs Vikki Jordan