Parents & Friends Association

St Joseph’s College Parents and Friends Association (P&F) meet on the fourth Wednesday evening every second month at 6.30pm in the Bertrand Centre. 

Parent & Friends are advised of upcoming meetings via the Newsletter, Compass and the College Facebook page. All parents/guardians/carers of students are automatically members of the P&F and we invite you to be an active participant.

The primary focus of the P&F association is to provide an opportunity for parents to contribute valuable input in the direction for St Joseph’s and to stay informed of developments around the school. The P&F is not primarily focused on fundraising as they have an income stream from the uniform shop, however, from time to time there are activities to either raise funds or contribute to projects shared with the College – examples include, beautification projects and providing air-conditioning for classrooms. 

President: Mrs Leanne Carman
Secretary: Mrs Maryanne Ilic
Treasurer: Mr John Duncan

We look forward to working with parents as your representatives in 2018 and into the future.