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Dear Parents, Students, Staff & Community Members

St Joseph’s College was established by the Sisters of St Joseph in 1883 and currently provides a rich and diverse educational experience for students from Years 7-12. 2018 has seen the return of St Joseph’s as a separate identity from All Saints College Maitland and we enrol students from the areas of Branxton, Cessnock, Lochinvar, Rutherford as well as surrounding towns.

St Joseph’s aspires to be a place where Gospel values are witnessed, excellence in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits is promoted, where students actively engage in social justice initiatives, where leadership skills are nurtured and where a sense of connection to the wider community is encouraged. The mantra of  ‘St Joseph’s students can do anything’ is an encouragement for students not only to dream of possibilities, but to adopt a growth mindset so that they can live, learn and achieve.

As a former student of St Joseph’s College I am privileged to return to St Joseph's as College Principal. It is as if I am standing on the shoulders of giants. The women who taught me were overwhelmingly strong, intelligent and determined - they inspired within me the desire to be the best I could be, to work hard and be considerate of others, to dream a little about possibilities. As I have walked through the College precincts this year I have often thought about the Sisters of St Joseph as women were 'ahead of their time'; the women who I met every day were strong, intelligent, confident, creative, energetic, ready to question and express opinions, prepared to roll their sleeves up and get the job done, aware of the complexities of the world, and not fazed by what were often restrictive norms of society. It is my hope that all students who are educated at St Joseph’s will be blessed to have the support and encouragement of all members of the community so that the Josephite spirit remains not just an ideal but a lived experience.

Principal Patricia Hales

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