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Lochinvar Hymn

Dedicated to the Pupils of Lochinvar College

Words by SR M. Gerard Long RSJ

Music By Dom S. Moreno O.S.B.

Where the meadows and the mountains
Meet in mellowed lines of rest,
Thou hast set us as a jewel
On our country’s glowing breast.


Holy Joseph, guard and guide us;
Make thy children all thine own.
Dearest Patron, lead and guide us
To our King’s eternal throne.


Day by day the notes of children
Mingle with the wild birds’ lay.
Guileless hearts through bright eyes beaming,

 Grow and strengthen, dream and play.
Give us grace to stand unflinching
‘Gainst the storms that loom afar.
Give us love and power and wisdom.
Bless the souls of Lochinvar!