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Mission & Values

At St Joseph's Campus, we seek to promote education for life, to:

  • Create a stimulating, challenging and enriching environment in which we can all live, work and grow together.
  • Develop a Christian community by respect for the value of each person and through commitment to prayer, religious education and service to each other.
  • Be truthful, fair and wise in everything we do, respecting the needs of others at all times.
  • Encourage a sense of self-esteem in all members of our school community.
  • Promote initiative, responsibility and leadership.
  • Promote excellence in teaching and learning and the professional development of staff.
  • Provide suitable programs that meet the needs of all students, those with special talents and those in need of support.
  • Promote the spiritual development of students by effective religious study programs, prayer, retreats, pastoral care, liturgy, community days.
  • Develop an understanding of and respect for our sexuality.
  • Develop social and vocational skills which will help us to live in our changing world.