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Aboriginal Education

Digeridoo Track 

In his 1986 address to Aboriginal people in Alice Springs Pope John Paul II stated,

The Church of Australia will not be fully the church that Jesus wants her to be until you (the Aboriginal peoples of Australia) have made your contribution to her life and until that contribution has been joyfully received by others.

He went on to say,

For thousands of years this culture of yours was free to grow without interference by people from other places. You lived your lives in spiritual closeness to the land, with its animals, birds, fishes, waterholes, rivers, hills and mountains. Through your closeness to the land you touched the sacredness of man’s relationship with God, for the land was proof of power in life greater than yourselves. You did not spoil the land, use it up, exhaust it. And then walk away from it. You realised that your land was related to the source of life.

At St Joseph’s, we believe that it is vital that all students be educated about both the heritage and living culture of Aboriginal Australia.

We acknowledge that the land upon which St Joseph’s is built is, was and always will be traditional land of the Wonnarua nation. Some of the families of our students here at St Joseph’s have been in continuous habitation on this land for many thousands of years. When we gather information relating to Aboriginal heritage and culture we actively seek the permission, guidance and support of Wonnarua Elders and local Aboriginal community members. We do this to ensure that our students receive the most authentic, relevant and culturally appropriate information available.

We are constantly working to extend our connections with members of our Aboriginal communities. If you have a story to tell, some information to share or would like to know more about Aboriginal Education at St Joseph’s, we would love to hear from you.


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