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School Expansion

The St Joseph's School Expansion 

On Tuesday 14th July, the Director of Catholic Schools, Maitland - Newcastle, Mr Ray Collins announced that St Joseph's Lochinvar would expand from a Co-educational 7-10 Secondary School, to a Co-educational 7-12 School. Read more about Review of Secondary Education here.  

Read Mr Greaves' letter below, 

Dear Parents/Carers

On Tuesday this week all families should have received from the Director of Schools, Mr Ray Collins, an email package outlining the recommendations of the review into the provision of secondary education in our Diocese.  While there are twelve specific recommendations made the one of most direct impact on St. Joseph’s Lochinvar is that from 2018 we will again be offering Years 11 and 12 (Stage 6) subjects to our students.  The current trend of increasing enrolments at St Joseph’s affirms the need for this development.  For the second year in a row we will in 2016 have a full capacity intake of 210 Year 7 students and we have a waiting list for enrolment in our other year groups.

I wish to thank all who offered input into the study and review process that has now led to this very important, much anticipated and exciting development for our school.  I have been encouraged at many times throughout what has seemed a long process by being asked by students, staff and many parents when we would finally hear if, and more importantly when, we would be ‘going to 11 and 12.’  Your confidence and positive view on this has been appreciated.

Students currently in Year 8, and subsequent year groups, will now have the opportunity to continue their secondary education through to the completion of Year 12 at St. Joseph’s.  However, for a transition period, families who wish to avail themselves of the choice of completing their stage 6 education at St Mary’s will be able to exercise this option. Work will begin soon to consolidate our preparation for this next step in our history.  Included in this will be planning and action related to school identity, curriculum, staffing, pastoral care and facilities, to name just a few areas of focus. 

I assure you that we will be striving to ensure excellence and academic rigour in a supportive pastoral setting for our implementation of Stage 6.   Our efforts over the next two and a half years of preparation will now back up the last seven years of our building program where the school has been master planned and facilities developed in a Years 7 to 12 context.  Our new Hall which we are about to start building is, for example, more than big enough to meet the demands of a school of over 1000 students.  Our TAS facilities have likewise been constructed to suit such an eventuality.

As many of our current families would be aware, secondary education, under the guidance and leadership of the Sisters of St. Joseph, has been a part of St. Joseph’s Lochinvar since 1912.  For most of this time up to 1992 Stage 6 was a part of our school in the context of a girls only boarding and day school.  We have now been asked to move on from our current Years 7 to 10 co-educational structure and the St. Joseph’s staff is excited to be sharing this challenge of Stage 6 with our students and families.  There are great times ahead for St. Joseph’s Lochinvar.

Can I please remind you that in the package you received on Tuesday there is advice about an information session for parents/carers and parishioners in relation to these announcements.  This session is to be held on Tuesday 28 July at 7pm in the Aquin Centre at the school.  Mr Ray Collins, the Director of Schools, and the St. Joseph’s executive will be in attendance.

Yours sincerely                                                                                                       

Paul Greaves