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Newsletter Term 1 Week 7 2018

16th March 2018

Dear Parents / Caregivers & Community members

Today is the official launch of our the delivery of the College Newsletter via Schoolzine, a digital platform.

This means that rather than opening an attachment, you will now receive a link that takes you directly to a web-style page that will enable you to:

  • Scroll through various components of the Newsletter via an Index
  • Be able to access a fully formatted printable pdf version of the enewsletter

Schoolzine is a platform that is responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop

As well, if you have family members or friends who would like to access the enewsletter they can subscribe and become an avid reader of our community’s news and events!

I hope you enjoy this new look, contemporary style delivery platform! Please click on the link below:

Visit the link below to view your newsletter:




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