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Changes to Traffic & Driving Procedures at SJL

11th April 2018

To assist in managing increased demands on the car park and surrounds, during 2017 the school contracted Better Traffic Futures, charted professional engineers who specialise in traffic management solutions. This company has undertaken a broad analysis of traffic issues on and around the school property in the light of increased numbers of parents transporting students by car and the commencement of student drivers coinciding with Stage 6 (Yr. 11 and 12).

As a result, a multi-staged plan has been developed to improve safety and traffic flow in the area, with Stage 1 to commence at the start of Term 2. This involves alterations to the morning and afternoon parent pick-up/drop off procedures and the introduction of one-way traffic flows. New signage and other associated changes will be installed over the school holidays.

In addition, we have developed a policy and procedure for Year 11 students who wish to drive to school once they have attained their provisional licence. Students have been informed of this policy and need to collect a form from Mr Crawford, have it completed and then returned to Mr Crawford before they can commence parking on school property.

Please find attached an outline of the traffic and procedural changes for Stage 1 to commence at the start of Term 2, 2018.

Many thanks in advance for your support with these new procedures, which when implemented will hopefully improve safety and congestion.


For more information download this document

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