Academic Awards

The College hosts two presentation ceremonies throughout the year, at the conclusion of each semester’s academic program. The College affirms students in the following way:

First in Course for each year group.

Consistent Effort in individual classes

Academic Excellence Certificates

Academic Excellence Certificates are awarded to those students in Years 7 to 10 whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is between 5.0 and 4.0. A GPA is calculated by converting a student’s Overall Achievement Grade in Religious Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, PDHPE and Geography or History, depending on which one has been studied throughout the semester, to a numerical value and dividing by the number of subjects studied. Students who have a GPA between 5.0 and 4.0 have been awarded mostly A or B grades in these subjects throughout the semester.

Academic Excellence Awards

Presented to Year 11 students who have scored a Band 5 or above in 8 Units of Study.

Grade Point Average Improvement Certificates

Grade Point Average Improvement Certificates are presented to students in any year who have improved their GPA by 0.5 points or more since the previous semester.

Year 12 Graduation and Major Awards

At the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony there are several Major Awards Presented - these include

  • College Sports Blues - are awarded to students in recognition of their outstanding sporting achievements; students who have represented the College & the Diocese (i.e. used the pathways offered through the College) at the highest level of sport, e.g. NSW Combined Catholic Colleges, NSW All Schools, Australia and have displayed sportsmanship that embraces the ideals of St Joseph’s College.
  • Christian Leadership Award - this award recognizes a student who has demonstrated their commitment to living by the Gospel values, engaging in highly respectful, positive relationships with peers and teachers; it recognizes a student of integrity and humility, whose daily life is characterized by kindness and compassion; the student, through their actions, will have made a positive contribution to the active promotion of Christian values in the College. This may have been through their approach to their peers and teachers, their community spirit, or strong Christian leadership that exemplifies strength, faith and hope
  • Sisters of St Joseph Awardthis award recognizes a student who exemplifies the values and spirit of St Mary of the Cross and Julian Tenison Woods who remained people of hope and faith & showed courage and determination to achieve their goal, often despite great challenges.
  • Ampol Best All Rounderthis award recognizes a student who has demonstrated leadership, and made a commitment to service & community, and/or sport, and/or arts and culture and has demonstrated a highly positive attitude at school and has consistently demonstrated exemplary conduct
  • Spirit of Lochinvar Award - considered the most prestigious award at St Joseph’s College, this award recognizes a student who completes Year 12 with consistent application and maximum effort in all subjects, has been involved in two areas of either Culture, Ministry / Service or Sport within and or outside of the College. The medal also recognizes community and / or parish involvement and positive leadership.

The Award for DUX is presented after HSC results and ATARs are released and is awarded to the student who receives the highest ATAR

Students who receive an ATAR of 90 or higher are also presented with an Academic Excellence Award by the Catholic Schools Office; in addition students who are first in course in the Diocese receive an Academic Excellence Award.