Human Society and Its Environment

Leader of Learning HSIE - Mrs Renee Wilcher

The Human Society and Its environment (HSIE) curriculum provides opportunities for students to engage with and develop an understanding of the historical world as well as developing an appreciation of the relationship between people and their environments. To support the delivery of the curriculum students are able to participate in a range of authentic fieldwork and site study experiences.

Geography and History are studied by all students in:

  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10

Commerce is offered as an elective course for students in:

  • Year 9
  • Year 10

Students in Years 11 and 12 have the opportunity to study:

  • Ancient History
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History Extension (Year 12 only)
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Society and Culture

Students have the opportunity to engage in a range of extra-curricular activities including:

  • Mock Trial
  • Commerce Business Week
  • Commemorative Services, eg Anzac and Remembrance Day
  • ASX Sharemarket Game
  • Fieldwork, eg Coastal Management Jimmy’s Beach; Flood Mitigation; Sustainable Biomes – food production controlled fish farm
  • Promotion of Awareness Days
  • Support of Social Justice and Charitable Organisations
  • Site Studies, eg Fort Scratchley; Singleton Military Museum, RBA, Parliament House, Courts, Police & Justice Museum
  • Incursions – ‘Nambus’ (Vietnam War); Medieval Europe interactivities