Gifted Education

St Joseph’s College is a Gifted Education Lead (GEL) School in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. Our focus is on identifying gifted learners and assisting with the process of developing talent by providing specific opportunities for learning, training and practice.

The school’s Gifted Education Mentor (GEM) and a Gifted Education Committee assist teachers with collating and analysing data, identifying the strengths and needs of students and providing appropriate strategies to meet their needs.

Gifted and talented students are entitled to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities drawn from the Australian Curriculum and aligned with their individual learning strengths and goals.

St Joseph’s College is focused on embedding long-term change and a shift in culture with respect to our knowledge and understanding of gifted education. Identification of our gifted students and differentiation of subject programs will guarantee gifted learners have access to enhanced learning opportunities.

To ensure a smooth transition of gifted students from primary to secondary school, St Joseph’s looks to work closely in partnership with other primary schools in our region, enabling students to feel extended and become lifelong learners who will flourish beyond the secondary school context.

Accelerated Mathematics Program

As part of the Gifted Education program at St Joseph's College, students in Year 9 have the opportunity to commence an accelerated Mathematics Program. This means that in Year 8 they study the Stage 5 Mathematics Course (Year 9 & 10 course work) in Year 10 they study the Year 11 Mathematics Advanced Course and in Year 11 study the Year 12 (HSC) Mathematics Advanced Course, sitting for their HSC Examination a year ahead of their cohort.