Learning Framework

St Joseph’s Curriculum Framework was developed in response to the changing education landscape at a national and state level. In addition to these agendas, the College was exploring the opportunity of implementing a BYOD program as one way of preparing learners for the 21st century. Therefore, it was felt a document was required to lay the foundations for the future years of the College. The College’s Curriculum Team (Assistant Principals and Leaders of Learning) undertook extensive research and reflection, to develop the roadmap for curriculum at St Joseph’s.

The graphic below represents the student at the heart of the image with the parents and teachers either side offering support to ensure the student achieves to their potential. Six key educational elements surround central stakeholders with a representation of the Josephite monogram tying all the components together. The broken line with arrows signifies learning as a journey, which allows for an assortment of further opportunities to enrich the learning experience.

St Josephs Learning Framework