Discover what St Joseph's has to offer


Set in a peaceful rural environment 11 kilometres west of Maitland, St Joseph’s College is situated on the original site chosen by the Sisters of St Joseph as the site for their foundational school which was established in 1883. St Joseph’s connects faith, family and learning and thereby forms a dynamic community where students quickly feel that they belong. Our appeal rests in this strong sense of community, the values we celebrate, our commitment to realising the potential of our young men and women, and providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our students' lives.

The St Joseph’s College mantra of ‘Lochinvar students can do anything’ encourages students to bring their dreams and aspirations to reality; to remember that effort and determination, in a supported environment can make a difference, and that by adopting a growth mindset they can witness excellence.

Why Families Choose St Joseph's College

Strong Reputation

St Joseph’s is highly regarded in the local community due to our commitment to Christian values and clearly articulated standards, as well as effective parent, student and staff relationships. Visitors to the College frequently comment on the positive way that students engage with their teachers and the school pride that they demonstrate. The College has always had a reputation for nurturing music with students involved in DioSounds and the Choral Showcase which the College hosts each year. Students participate successfully in a wide range of representative sports, demonstrated in 2018 by our Under 14s Rugby League Team winning the NSW State Titles conducted by the NRL.

Commitment to Faith & Witness

St Joseph’s delivers an educational experience that goes beyond academic, cultural and sporting achievements by helping our young people to be open to seeking and finding the spirit in new and unexpected places, celebrating a full life in Christ, entering into and nurturing their relationship with God and each other, and living the values of truth and justice. 

A Holistic, Inclusive Secondary Education

St Joseph’s is a co-educational College that offers a diverse curriculum for students from Years 7 to 12. Students learn, explore, discover and grow in a safe and supported environment. Students are encouraged to be critical thinkers with a love of learning throughout their lives. All staff work collaboratively with our specialised Learning Support Team to ensure that students with additional needs are able to access the curriculum and interact with the wider community.

Modern Facilities

Contemporary learning facilities assist our students to engage in the arts, literature, science, humanities, technology, STEM and sport within a vibrant environment where academic excellence is valued and encouraged. Over the course of the past four years the College has developed or built:

  • A specialist music centre complemented by St Cecilia’s Music Studio for private tuition
  • New ‘state of the art’ Hospitality and Food Technology kitchens
  • A Trade Training Centre that serves as support for VET and TAS courses
  • A modern Café that has become a relaxed space for students and staff to gather and connect
  • Completely refurbished science laboratories that provide the ideal environment for practical and theoretical learning and cater for senior courses in Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Vibrant visual art and performing arts spaces
  • New Library and outdoor learning spaces
  • Covered outdoor basketball courts and indoor multipurpose centre

Experienced and dedicated staff

The College’s enthusiastic, caring and skilled staff are committed to the craft of teaching, the wellbeing of students and ensuring that each student is supported in their educational journey. Expert teachers are able to provide teaching and learning in a broad range of subjects that meet both vocational and tertiary pathways.

Innovative learning model

St Joseph’s College has introduced a new and innovative timetable allowing the best use of the College’s new facilities, with a ten -day cycle which includes a FLEXI-Learning block each Wednesday morning. During FLEXI students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of activities for example Archery, Musical Theatre, Gym & Fitness, Yoga, Dance, Drama, Art for the Soul, Cooking on a Budget, School Beautification, and a large range of summer and winter sports. 

Students also participate in three x 20 minute sessions per week with their Learning Mentor - our three Pillars of Strength, Faith and Hope under pin these sessions each week.

Formal Fridays each each week - students are expected to be in full formal school uniform as our JAG sessions - Josephite Assembly Groups operate. These may be formal assemblies, year group assemblies, focus groups.