Indigenous Equity Bursary Program

The Year 7 and Year 11 Indigenous Equity Bursary Program is jointly funded by a former student of the College who is “grateful for the happy years spent at the College and the splendid education I received” and the College itself, as a significant commitment to assisting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families with the education of their children. The Bursary Program is a clearly articulated commitment to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait students to fulfil their educational aspirations. The Bursary Program also seeks to support the development of positive role models with the capacity to demonstrate success through positive engagement in all aspects of their education. It is hoped that the Bursary Program will facilitate choice by removing possible financial barriers that may prevent Indigenous students who wish to pursue an education at St Joseph’s College Lochinvar. The Bursary Program will provide a 50% discount on fees, and therefore does require parents/family to commit to making a financial contribution to their child’s educational expenses.

It important to acknowledge in the context of the Bursary Program that the College is committed to the Education Targets of the Closing the Gap Program, to improving the educational outcomes of all Indigenous students, and importantly to the process of Reconciliation and raising cultural awareness in all members of the College community.

Eligible students will be able to demonstrate:

  • acceptance and acknowledgement of their Indigenous heritage
  • a commitment to learning and improvement
  • capacity to contribute to the life of the College
  • positive behaviour
  • willingness to deepen their understanding of Indigenous culture
  • a commitment to promote and participate in, Indigenous cultural activities offered by the College
  • an appreciation and understanding of the reconciliation process.
  • a willingness to work with a mentor to achieve positive academic results

It is hoped that applicants / family members will be, or become members of their local AECG

If you are interested in applying for this Bursary please download the appropriate documentation

Year 7 Indigenous Equity Bursary - Year 7 2021 Information and Application

Year 11 Indigenous Equity Bursary - Year 11 2021 Information and Application