Our Leadership Team

The College Leadership Team comprises the Leaders of Learning together with members of the Executive Team. Together they have responsibility for assisting all staff to serve as stewards of the College’s mission, vision, and core values. The leadership team builds an improvement culture; empower and develop their staff, collectively and individually at their point of need, expect consistency of practice and establish high levels of accountability. The Leadership Team contribute to a school culture where learning can flourish through quality communication, high expectations, collaboration, challenge, trust building and support. The team sets the course for action, enlivens the school improvement plan, reviews progress, and implements change. Together they develop, lead, nurture and monitor a culture that promotes a safe learning environment for students

Leadership Team Members

Mrs Patricia Hales – College Principal

Mr Paul Dart – Assistant Principal

Mrs Elizabeth Stokes – Assistant Principal

Miss Hayley Amm – Leader of Learning Support

Mr Robert Bain - Leader of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Miss Melissa Blandford – Leader of Learning - Religious Studies

Mr Dale Clacherty - Leader of Learning PDHPE

Mrs Jennifer Corben - Leader of Representative Sport

Mrs Lisa Donnelly - Pedagogical Mentor

Mrs Caroline Donohoe - Gifted Education Mentor

Mrs Julie Elliott – Leader of Learning - TAS

Mr Royce Geoffrey - Leader of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Mr Matthew Goodwin – Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement

Mrs Melonie Hawke – Leader of Learning - Creative Arts

Mrs Karen Hickling – Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement 

Mr Michael Hickling – Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement 

Mrs Melissa Hurn – Leader of Learning - Mathematics

Mr Chris Johns - Leader of FLEXI Learning

Mr Matthew Johns – Leader of College Administration

Mr Aidan Linehan – Leader of Learning – English & LOTE

Mrs Louise Mahony – Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement

Mrs Erin McCort – Leader of Ministry

Mr Christopher Mills – Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement

Mrs Kylie Peattie - Leader of Careers

Mrs Lisa Peel – Leader of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Mrs Paulina Phillips – Leader of Learning – Sciences

Mr Simon Ramage – Leader of Learning – VET

Mrs Natalie Squires – Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement

Mrs Renee Wilcher - Leader of Learning HSIE

Mrs Cheryl Wills - Leader of Digital Innovation