Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

St Joseph’s College is a Bring your own device school (BYOD). The College has developed guidelines for parents/carers that are contained in our BYOD pamphlet. It is hoped that the use of personal devices at school will deepen learning, assist with the development of independent learning, and prepare students for future vocational experiences.

Students are required to sign a User Agreement that sets out how the device can be used at school. A member of the college staff, the BYOD Technical Support Officer, is available to provide assistance. However, the college does not manage, own, insure or warranty the device.

The BYOD program enables students to move between physical to digital texts and enables teachers to share resources across all class groups to bring rich learning experiences to all students. St Joseph’s College is committed to assisting students and staff in creating a 21st century learning environment. Students and staff are able to access our wireless network with their personal devices during the day. With classroom teacher approval, students may use their own devices to access the internet and collaborate with other students.