Parent/Carer Engagement

Parent/carer engagement in their child’s education is known to lead to improved outcomes for students of all ages. It is the hope of St Joseph’s College that we can support parent engagement by building partnerships with parents/carers to connect learning at home and school and to promote student wellbeing. The general view is that parent/carer involvement usually focusses on school-based activities such as attending events or volunteering; however, parent/carer engagement encompasses children's learning at home, at school and in the community, recognises the importance of positive relationships, support for a broad range of school goals and activities, the cultural and social diversity of families and communities and importantly for St Joseph’s as a Catholic community, support for the spiritual life of the student.

Effective relationships between parents/carers and College personnel focus on student needs and are hopefully motivated by a common and shared purpose. They recognise that parents/carers and College staff offer different knowledge, expertise and resources to a child’s education.

The Catholic Schools Office has developed a School Community Code of Conduct for Parent/Carers and volunteers in Catholic school communities.