Student Leadership

St Joseph’s aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. We aim to instil in students, a strong sense of social justice through the service of others.

St Joseph’s College Student Leadership Opportunities

Senior School

Year 12

6 x College Captains



Year 12

President of the Student Representative Council

Vice President of the Student Representative Council



Year 11

College House Captains

2 Leaders per House

Junior School

Year 10

Student Representative Council

2 Representatives



Peer Support Leaders

2 per group (# determined by incoming Yr7 cohort)



Year 9

Student Representative Council

2 Representatives

Year 8

Student Representative Council

2 Representatives


Peer Support Leaders

Students from Year 9 are all eligible to become Peer Support Leaders in Year 10. Willing students commit to a Leadership Training Day where they gain a taste of the expectations and role of student leaders. After this day, students complete an expression of interest form to become a Peer Support Leader for the following year. Students successful in their application to be a Peer Support Leader undergo further training in implementing the Peer Support Program with Year 7.

Student Representative Council (SRC) - President & Vice President and House Captains

Each year group in Years 8, 9 and 10 elect representatives to participate in the Student Representative Council. These representatives meet to discuss various issues raised by the student body to present to the College Executive. These students also explore how the student body can be active promoters of the variety of causes that the school supports.

Year 11 Representatives are the College House Captains. These students help to lead the SRC as well as coordinating House-aligned community events such as Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals.

Year 12 are represented by the President and Vice President of the SRC who take responsibility for organising meetings, setting agendas, liasing with the College Executive, proposing initiatives and raising matters of interest or concern. The SRC President and Vice President truly are the voice of the students and are consulted in regard to a variety of matters including Strategic Direction.

During Year 7, students are given the opportunity to get to know each other to ensure that they elect representatives in Year 8 in an informed manner.

At St Joseph's College there are four House, these are:

  • Alcheringa
  • Mereki
  • Wundurra
  • Yoyogamalde

At the end of Term 4 Year 10 students who are continuing their education at St Joseph's are invited to participate in a Leadeship Experience which culminates in the submission of an expression of interest to be considered as a House Captain for the following year. A discernment process, together with a voting process occurs to determine the final 8 House Leaders.

College Captains

During Term 3 of Year 11, students participate in a series of Leadership Workshops that explore what it means to be a College Leader in a Josephite School and the skills and attributes of leaders. Students reflect on the call to servant leadership, and then, through a discernment process, identify those students who they believe would be credible, capable leaders. Participants in the Leadership Workshops are then invited to submit an Expression of Interest, which includes support statements from teachers in order to be considered for the role of College Captain. As part of the process, students will present a speech to Year 11 and attend an interview with members of the College Executive. As part of the discernment process, Year 11 students and Staff will be invited to indicate their support for potential applicants.

At the end of Term 4 Year 11 when the College Captains have settled into their roles, they consider the areas of priority that they wish to support during the term of their leadership - these are - Service & Justice, Community Outreach and Wellbeing. College Captains are presented to the community and commence their leadership roles in Term 4 of Year 11 prior to being officially commissioned in a ceremony at the beginning of the new school year.