Student Recognition

The current St Joseph’s commendation system was implemented in 2017. The aim is to recognise the ‘next step’ that students take beyond the normal expectations of the school. The system is a cumulative process, progressively giving recognition to students who put that extra effort into making St Joseph’s a welcoming, caring community where people strive for their personal best.

Name of Award


Awarded by

St Joseph’s College Recognition Certificate

This may be awarded to students who take ‘the next step’ and go above and beyond basic expectations.

This might include:

  • Helping others
  • Peer support
  • Improved effort
  • Improved organisation
  • Displaying community spirit
  • Representing the school at external events
  • BBQ Crew
  • Coaching
  • Show significant improvement in organisation/application in classes
  • Helping at opening evenings, serving preparing food etc

Any member of staff in the school community. This includes all teaching and non-teaching staff. The idea that this is a fairly immediate recognition.

St Joseph’s College

Merit Award

5 Recognition Awards

Student Coordinator, at a form meeting.

St Joseph’s  College Commendation Award

5 Merit Awards (ie. 25 Recognition awards)

AP at a form meeting

Tenison Woods Award + gift card

4 St Joseph’s Commendation Awards (ie. 100 Recognition Awards)

Principal at a full School Assembly


To attain Merit, Commendation and Tenison Woods Awards, students submit their certificates to Student Services. These are processed and returned to students when they are presented with the ‘next level’ Award.

Success in academic, sporting and cultural endeavours is frequently acknowledged at year meetings, school assemblies, in newsletters, the school Facebook page and in the annual school magazine.

At the end of semester presentation ceremonies, effort and achievement in study, sport and cultural endeavours are recognised, while special awards are presented for academic excellence, citizenship, leadership and community service.